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Can you pre order doughnuts?


I would love to order some devil's food donuts. I know that Friday is when y'all have them. Is there any way I can order ahead of time to make sure I can get some? And if so, how do I go about doing that? Thanks! 😁

Just call them 24 hrs in advance

Do you have a working phone number?


What is the Christmas closing schedule?

They will be closed on Dec 24th and will not re-open for business until Jan 2. They will Close @ 1:30 pm Tomorrow 12/22 and 11am on Saturday 12/23.

Are you guys open??

Yes they are open Tues thru sat...closed Sunday and Monday

Do they offer any vegan options?

Not that I have seen

Do they have Bavarian cream filledd donut holes

Yes and they are amazing! It has been open since before I was born and everything from the donuts to the cheese grits, to the biscuits are incredible!

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